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L. Ron Hubbard

Ron set out to find the basic principle of existence - a principle which would lead to the unification of knowledge and that would explain the meaning of existence itself - something other philosophers had attempted but never found.

To accomplish this, he began to study man in many different settings and cultures. In the summer of 1932, upon leaving the university, he embarked upon a series of expeditions. The first expedition took him to the Caribbean where he examined the primitive villagers of Martinique. Returning to the West Indies a few months later, he studied cultures of other islands, including Haiti and their esoteric beliefs in voodoo; and later he observed the beliefs of the Puerto Rican hill people.

After his return to the United States, Ron began to substantiate the basis of a theory, and in 1937, he conducted a series of biological experiments that led to a breakthrough discovery which isolated the dynamic principle of existence - the common denominator of all life - SURVIVE!

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